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Home home home home.

I’m in my house. I’ve started unpacking. I’m back!


So close

I’m in Canada right now (or more exactly preentrance to the US space) so I’m about 3 hours from the US and 6 or 7 hours from home, hopefully.

And then tomorrow’s Christmas eve and I get to see everybody.




The Azores have been great. The time went by so quickly, though I’ll update about that later.

Right now, I’m sitting in an airport (perhaps the smallest international airport in the world) waiting for my flight. I only have 3 flights and 24 hours until I’m home. CAN NOT WAIT.

The flights aren’t even that long…I just have crazy layovers (10 hours in one city, 4 hours in another). But those are good times to sleep, finish my anthro paper (oops), and readjust myself to American life.

Yep. I’m almost there.


Last day in Lisbon!

I’m going to miss this place and the friends I’ve met here. Last night were already had our (4 hour) going away dinner with all the students, the CIEE professors, the host families, and Nuno and Luisa. It was so weird to be saying goodbye.

Thankfully, I haven’t yet had to say goodbye to most of the other study abroad-ers because we’re going out to a sushi buffet tonight.

I still have a lot to do packing/cleaning-wise, but I’m also going to enjoy my last day.

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Overpriced alcohol

Today while wandering around Lisbon with a friend (who I may never see again because she’s leaving Thursday and lives in Germany), we stopped in a store so she could buy a present for one of her flatmates. Also in that store was a bottle of whisky that costs 3480€. I have pictures if you don’t believe me.

Really expensive whiskey


Pictures from Sintra

My theory: The Pena Palace is what happens when you don’t give kids legos.

Basically castles and palaces are pretty cool, especially when they’re colorful.

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Quick study break…

Progress. I’m making progress, very slowly but surely. I spent today adding citations and editing my first draft of my anthro paper. Never again will I write something first and add citations later. I’ve learned my lesson — this is a major pain, especially since I have 12 sources I’m using, 90(ish) pages of notes, and (a goal of) 25 pages of text. Too much.

But I’m making my way through. I’m still on the first draft because last week I was focusing on my final exam for anthro (worth 40%, was 10 pages long including a 2 page works cited). This paper, though it’s 25 pages and has been the dark cloud hanging over this class/my academic life here, is only worth maybe 20%.

Fortunately, my weekend has not *just* been work. Yesterday, I went to Sintra, which is a town 30 minutes from Lisbon by train that used to be the “playground of the rich.” I had been there once at the very beginning of the semester (actually, on my birthday) with all of CIEE, but I hadn’t gotten to see the things I wanted to. Yesterday, I went with a friend who also wanted to get some last minute culture in and we saw both a multi-colored place and a Medieval Moorish castle. All in all, it was a pretty sweet day. I took lots of pictures of course, but I haven’t uploaded them yet.

I did a tiny bit of work and then went to a movie with some friends and we have *officially* made plans to see Tangled on Thursday when it comes out here. If it’s already out in the US and you’ve seen it, don’t spoil it. Actually, I’m seeing it in Portuguese so that might help.

Speaking of Portuguese…on Friday I saw one of my cousins from the Azores. She was in Lisbon for work and we had lunch together. It was nice to see her, a good lunch, etc. I also unfortunately had 3 class on Friday. In my language class, we literally spent the entire two hours reading, going over, talking about, and writing responses to a text (in Portuguese) about tardiness. To say the class as a whole sometimes has a problem with tardiness would be an understatement. I, of course, am perfect (no really…I haven’t even missed a class yet).

And for dinner 11 of us went to an all you can eat sushi place, which was surprisingly good.

That was my weekend backwards. And now I should get back to work because I have lots to do still.

PS: according to my TeuxDeux list, I have to start packing tomorrow. Tomorrow! So soon and so many other things to do!

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With my anthro exam…not everything. Sheesh, no.

I think I’m done, but it’s really late and I’m tired so I’m going to check over everything again tomorrow. But this is super exciting especially since now this exam is technically not due till this Sunday at midnight. Way to go motivation.

This means that I’ve finished (ish) 2 exams, and 1 presentation. All I have left now: 25 page paper (already have 16 terrible pages written), a 5 page group paper, and 2 exams.

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Crunch time

Less than two weeks less in Lisbon. You know what that means? I’m going to pack as much fun, work, and sightseeing into two weeks as possible. It’s going to be intense. Also, I currently have so much tea that I have to drink at least 2, maybe 3 cups a day to finish it all before I leave. Oops. Better start drinking.

Today, Lisbon weather officially went berserk. It was at least 20 degrees (Fahrenheit) warmer today than it was the rest of the week and it almost looked sunny this morning. No. It’s been raining pretty much non-stop since this afternoon and right now it is pouring like no other. And, it’s been super-windy all day. So windy the Tejo (a river) looked like an ocean, and I’m pretty sure the river’s going to flood.


Good things and not-so-good things

My friend Emily, who was my roommate for two years at Smith, was supposed to visit me in Lisbon this weekend, but there’s a huge general strike in Spain right now, so her flight was cancelled. 😦 It’s sad that I didn’t get to see her and show her Lisbon and that she was stuck in the Amsterdam airport for a day, but on the bright side, it gave me more time.

With more time I have made a powerpoint for my Portuguese presentation about Coimbra. I have procrastinated. I went grocery shopping — I really needed fruit. And I have 11 pages of text single spaced (16 pages 1.5 spaced) and almost 7000 words.

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