I realize it’s been a while since I last updated, and you probably want some news about my awesome life in London. I’m back and I’m as much in love with London as ever. It’s beautiful, wonderful, awesome. I think I may even like it better than New York, and for me, that’s big.

This week has been “Reading Week” for my uni, which more or less translates into “Spring Break.” I’ve been in London for the whole week because I had two friends from Smith visiting. We did everything from Big Ben and Westminster Abbey (only the outside) to speed tours of the V&A and the British Museum, along with pit stops at the Eye, long layovers at 3 different book stores, a viewing of one of the worst movies I’ve seen, and some shopping on Oxford St.

New things from Emily’s visit: the British Library and its exhibit on Evolving English and the Temple Church.

I showed them King’s Cross and Platform 9 ¾. Emily got to see Gringot’s bank (aka: Australia House) and the rather impressive Royal Courts of Justice. We went to the Palace (and the Queen was actually there that time), took pictures in telephone booths, etc. It was all very touristy. It’s hard to show someone a city when they have a week any only 10 things that they want or are willing to see. It was a good week, it was a crazy week and it’s weird that it’s over. Especially since I have to study now.

For me, London is London not because of any of those major over-crowded tourist attractions. They’re quintessential “London,” but they’re not London at all.

So, after I dropped Emily off at Paddington today, I decided to do some real exploring. Armed with my map and Oyster card, I hoped on the tube and I explored Little Venice and Mayfair. Little Venice was cute with canals, house boats, floating cafes, blue bridges and I loved it. Mayfair was so … posh. It’s almost entirely owned by one man, and expensive. New York’s equivalent is probably the Upper East Side.

Basically, London’s not loveable and amazing because of the touristy bits. No, it’s everything; the semi-dysfunctional tube, the incomprehensible buses, all of the boroughs, and the really old bits along with the really new ones.

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