Popped over to Norway for the weekend with one of my friends from QM. We just got back a half hour ago or so and I’m tired and while my brain tells me it’s 2:36 am, my body has no clue what time it is (daylight savings time + time zone changes + sleeping on the floor can do that to you).

Norway was awesome. Really cold though. The water was frozen and there was snow every where. Also, all the Norwegians had skis and just brought them on the T-banen (tube/metro/subway) with them. We tried to see the fjords, but with everything frozen, the ferries weren’t really working (except for one to Copenhagen).

I probably didn’t pack enough warm clothes for Norway but I was fine after I triple layered my shirts, double layered my socks, and used my spare pair of socks as mittens (I only had one glove with me for some reason). After that, plus a scarf and a hat, it was quite toasty. Plus my friend and I were quite good at finding warm places to hang out (like train stations or malls).

Norway or Oslo at least is also super expensive. By super expensive I mean most meals cost $30 at least. No joke. I even saw some restaurants with appetizers for that much. But my friend (Corinne) and I were able to beat that system. Instead of spending $30 a meal, we went to a grocery store and spent about $30 total for all our meals for 3 days. Go us.

Anyway, it’s late and I need to sleep since I have a 9 am tomorrow. I’ll post pictures later. I’ve been saying that for ages, but I will.


3 thoughts on “Back

  1. Dad says:

    Sounds like another fun trip. Glad you’re back safe. I like your resourcefulness with the clothing and food.


  2. Julie a.k.a. Mom says:

    One glove. That’s pretty funny. I hope you have pictues with your sock-gloves on your hands. Did they match or did they mismatch like you use to do when you were little?


    • Yeah. It was pretty amusing. I don’t think I have any pictures of it, sorry. Apparently they looked like mittens. They were both black socks and they actually did match — same exact pair and everything.

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