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I love seeing all of the city at once

Went to THE coolest place today. It was one of the best days in Lisbon, just chill, fun, and hanging out with friends. We went to this awesome random flea market that happens every Saturday — people just put their stuff down on blankets pretty much. I bought a bunch of souvenirs for people there. And then after, I just wandered around Alfama with some friends and we went to these two different lookouts with amazing views. We could literally see 90% of the city from there. It was cloudy and grey the whole time at the lookouts and eventually started to rain but it didn’t even matter because everything looked so incredible. And you could see the bridge (25 de Abril, which looks very similar to the Golden Gate Bridge) disappearing into the mist. I have pictures, but I haven’t uploaded them yet so I don’t know how they came out.

Also, it was really nice at the flea market and that was the only nice day this week so everyone was excited to be outside.

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