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Pictures, as promised

What have I been up to? Lots of fun things. I went to Norway for a weekend, though I guess I already said that. That was pretty cool (literally…things were frozen and there was snow everywhere). It was so cold and thus so off season that since lots of things were closed, I spent lots of time in the train station or in random shopping malls to escape the mall. Lots of aimless wandering, but fun.

I’ve been doing lots of errands which is actually more fun than it sounds. Yesterday I walked 6 miles or so while running errands. I was looking for a new messenger bag and wallet to replace the ones that had been stole and it took me hours to find anything acceptable. I got a bunch of other stuff done and in the process I was able to explore some new areas of town, like Soho which is filled with adorable local boutiques.

Then today I went on more errands, kind of a continuation of yesterday and I explored a new area of Covent Garden (another shopping district…it’s kind of a theme in London) and the Seven Dials which 200 years ago was a terrible part of town but now is really nice with more cute boutiques. There was a store called American Classics, ironically filled with British people and absurdly priced cowboy-esque clothing.

And today I also went on a tour of the Olympic site in London. While we didn’t actually get to see that much/go inside anything, it was pretty cool because I got to see some new parts of London and learn more about the 2012 Olympics. These games are going to be pretty green…a lot of things are made out of recyclable material and after the games most of the stadiums are going to come down and be reused in other parts of the country. It’s also regenerating one of the poorest areas of London and making excessive use of public transport. Pretty cool. Those pictures will come later though.

And finally, the promised pictures:

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